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Last updated: July 13, 2006

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Entered July 13, 2006: As of July 10 I am a federal employee of the National Weather Service at the Warning Decision Training Branch. Much higher pay and doing essentially the same job as I have been doing the past 3+ years--which of course I love! God continues to amaze us with his blessings, a testament to his promises to those who remain faithful to him. It is no coincidence that I got the job; Katie and I have been giving 10% of pre-tax salaries to our church and now $125 a month to the Richter fund. Speaking of the Richter fund, I encourage you to contact me about how awesome their upcoming ministry will be and how you can get involved in supporting such an amazing family and a great ministry. Let me tell you a little story of how God blesses those who bless others. Back in March, way before I thought I had a chance at the posh government position in our branch, one of my best friends on the planet Matt Richter is raising funds for his awesome opportunity to be baseball director with Athletes in Action (part of Campus Crusade for Christ) at their new complex in Ohio. His awesome wife Heather, also an athlete, would get to work with Matt in this ministry, a tag team of Richters. Anyway, we had been giving to them here and there. In March, out of nowhere during church, I heard God tell me directly, "Give the Ricthers $1000". I have been getting better at recognizing when God speaks directly to me, and there was no doubt in my mind that God was the one doing the talking. I knew I had to do it, but $1000? That's a lot of money for us. For futher confirmation I hesitantly talked to Katie about it, shyly asking her "God told me to give the Richter's $1000". I thought for sure she'd respond "That's a lot of money, how do you know it was God", but the Holy Spirit ministered to her and she was just as ready as I was to give them $1000, completely at peace. So we delivered the check in person when we took a quick trip to SoCal. This was on a Friday. When Katie got back to Norman the following Monday (I was hiking in the grand Canyon) there was a letter from Allstate in the mail. Remember the great Schlatter flood of 2005? We barely did too since it was so long ago. Apparently, and completely without warning, Allsate was refunding our deductible. We had given up on the deductible 8 months ago, since the flood had been over a year ago at this point. Yes, the deductible refund check was exactly $1000. Pick your jaw up off your keyboard now and let that sink in for a moment. We too were blown away when we found this. Here was an instance when God blessed those back who stepped out in faith and followed his command to bless someone else. There is no question at all: the evidence of God's hand in this is completely irrefutable. It's a warm fuzzy feeling knowing God truly is faithful if we are faithful to him and listen for his calling in our lives. Also evidence that giving to the Richter's is what God wants, he is blessing them through many individuals, so I encourage you to do the same.

Entered May 1, 2006: We are having a baby girl! She is due Sep. 22 and we are going to name her Callie Marie (Marie for Katie's middle name, Callie since it's always been one of our favorite names, and oh yeah, Emily Procter's character on CSI Miami is Callie and smoking hot). If Callie takes after her mom she will be too! Thanks everyone for their prayers as it took us a long time to get pregnant but God's timing is always perfect.

Entered June 22, 2005: Alaska pictures are here! I took ~140 with my 35mm camera, and Katie took ~250 with our digital. Check them out at the gallery. I also added Mom and Dad Heuschkel's pictures. Alaska is amazing, and I could write a novel with all the stuff I saw and all the stuff I still want to see the next time I get out there. There will most definitely be a next time!

Entered May 24, 2005: I finally got around to updating the gallery site. New pictures of Sahara (our new husky) are under the 2005 album. For some encouragement, read this: I had pretty much a life altering spiritual experience last week. I had just gotten back into my prayer life after 3-6 months off (who is counting other than Jesus?), and spent an hour one evening praying in the Spirit and in English. I was sorry for being so lazy and recognized just how much God meant to me and all the blessings he has provided in my life. So the next day (Wednesay, May 18th) I was in my car listening to the Newsboys "Devotion", because although it was always my favorite song, yesterday I heard it, no really, I "heard it", felt it, it slayed my Spirit and brought me to tears almost to the point that I had to pull over, especially the parts where Peter sings "YOU'RE ALL THAT IT MEANS TO LIVE".  That just broke me down and I cried tears of complete joy, it completely humbled me, and everything was so clear at that point.  Absolutely nothing else in our lives; finances, jobs, kids, school, NOTHING is truly meaningful in our lives.  You can't live through work, you can't really live if you are worrying about finances, you can't live if you harbor bitterness.  You are not living at all unless your will and focus is directed on Jesus. If we'll set those things aside that do not allow us to really live, we become humbled and we are able to see clearly that Jesus is in control and he loves us so much beyond comparison, that we just need to take his hand, align our wills with His, and amazing things can happen.  Living begins with Jesus, He is the definition of living.  Having Him in your life is all you need...the rest are just details and blessings from God as a result of having Jesus.  The past 3 months or more I lost focus on that, and thus I didn't dedicate enough devotion and prayer to Him (more meaning from that Newsboys song of course, since it's called "devotion").  He is all we should be focusing on, he is the only way to truly live.  And I can testify that once you devote time and pray to him, AMAZING things will start happening in your life. That same day after I got back into prayer, I received an unbelievable raise and bonus at my job (email me if you want complete details of the raise/bonus package, it's not something to post on the WWW). I hope you are encouraged by this and it causes you to think about how and WHY you are living your life. If you devote your time to Jesus, amazing things will start to happen. I pray this will be the case. God Bless you all!

Entered January 30, 2003: We have a digital camera so now pictures will be directly downloaded to this website within days of taking them. Hooray! Also, the pets page has been updated! Only one more to go: The vacation page will be updated sometime. Keep an eye out.

Entered January 10, 2003: We had a good time at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans (Nawlins for those of you from the south) even though the Sooners lost. Check out the picures from the game by clicking on the Schlatter Gallery tab and log in. Be sure to hit "refresh" on the main window after loggin in!

Entered October 28, 2003: I defended my thesis in August 2003, and have been working at the National Weather Service (NWS)Warning Decision Training Branch (WDTB) in Norman Oklahoma since June 1st. I am a research associate Meteorologist specializing in hail forecasting, flash flood forecasting, and Dual-Polarimetric Radar.


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